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Meet Ausra

Ausra Kmieliauskaite is an unshakeable business woman who’s mission is to challenge the status for the art of beauty. All of her work is based on the art of making her clients look radiant. She continuously strive for perfection in her work and effortlessly add her own personal spin to each style, finding the ideal look for each client she works with.

Ausra has traveled to multiple countries discovering the most cutting edge techniques and procedures that she uses to deliver the ultimate result for her clients. Her work has attracted clientele from all corners of the UK. 

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Eyebrow lamination

Brow lamination is a new trend in the Brow industry that everyone is talking about! It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, have any gaps in between said hairs, or who want that groomed, brushed-up look.

After the procedure, your eyebrows will look fuller, thicker, combed up into the idea shape. If you have got unruly eyebrows and don’t want to spend hours grooming them, if you have got barely any eyebrows at all and willing to give them thicker appearance, brow lamination is for you!

The brow lamination treatment can be a little bit drying, so small amount of oil, anything from castor oil, or any other beloved face oil, will keep them nourished.

Henna eyebrow design

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow and create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. An ideal solution for clients who would like to change the shape and shade of their eyebrows without a permanent solution. Ad the best part - they last up to 4 weeks!

About Microblading

Microblading has become the hottest new trend when it comes to eyebrow enhancement. However if you are researching microblading Guildford (or Surrey), make sure to do your research for the right salon. Your permanent makeup artist should have personal licence, premises licence and insurance, not only training certificates and qualifications. 

Microblading, also known as feathering is a procedure used as a semi permanent tattoo to deliver natural looking hair like stokes for patients who lack fullness in their eyebrows or for those who have non at all. Using a fine blade and pigment, the hair strokes are drawn in only using the top surface of the skin.

Ombré powder brows

Another hot trend is ombré powder brows. In other words known as pixel effect, powder, mist, magic shading, microshading, ombré shading, or stardust brows. This is for clients who want to obtain a natural powder makeup look and no longer want to fill their brows in. Ombré is another technique offered by eyebrow tattoo artist. There are only few permanent makeup salons in Guildford that can do this technique the right way. 

Not only is it less invasive on the skin but it heals more natural looking and last 2-3 times longer than microblading.

Cosmetic lip tattoo

Becoming huge thing! We all want to look our very best every single day, and makeup is one of the best ways to look more presentable and confident. For those who are well experienced with applying makeup the process is incredibly easy and can transform the look completely. For those who aren’t as well experienced with applying makeup, the task can be a lot harder than usual. Permanent lip enhancement is a life changer for all who wants to correct any kind of defects such as discoloured lips, loss of natural lip contour, or pigmentation that may appear on the lips. 

Lash line enhancement

A lash line enhancement or permanent eyeliner adds definition and colour to your lash line to create the appearance of thicker lashes, it gives a subtle, 'barely there' look, and discreetly define and frame your eyes. Great for those who wear pencil or liquid eyeliner daily but don't want the hassle of applying it everyday or find it smudges throughout the day. Permanent eyeliner can vary from a medium line along the lash line to enhance and widen your eye and give a more awake appearance, to a bolder thicker line to make your eyes ‘pop’.

Importance of the pigment

Believe it or not, organic pigments are NOT the way to go.

Yes I know the organic trend is hot right now but not for this procedure. If you truly want the best results, make sure the pigments are synthetic. If your eyebrow tattoo artist uses organic pigment, you may find that your eyebrows turn red or blue overtime.


Eyebrow Enhancement

Ombré brows
Combo brows
Eyebrow 6-12 months colour boost
Eyebrow 12-15 months colour boost
Eyebrow 15-18 months colour boost
Eyebrow colour correction
From £250

Brows and Lashes

Signature eyebrow lamination
Henna eyebrows
Eyebrow shape and tint
From £15
Lash lift and tint

Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent Eyeliner
Eyeliner 6-12 months colour boost
Eyeliner 12-15 months colour boost
Eyeliner 15-18 months colour boost
Lower Eyeliner

Lip Enhancement

Aquarelle Lips (Lip Blush)
Full lip colour
Lips 6-12 months colour boost
Lips 12-15 months colour boost
Lips 15-18 months colour boost